Teenagers (adolescents) around the world only average about 6 hours of sleep everyday! In fact, adolescents need about 9 ½ hours sleep a night to be fully alert. So they keep carrying forward a nearly 4-hour deficit every night!

This explains why most of them drag themselves through high school and college like zombies. It gives us an insight into their moody and lethargic behavior and explains why they are most of the times unprepared or unable to learn. Teenagers actually need more sleep than children because of the significant changes that accompany the transition to adulthood.

You can help your teenagers by encouraging them to follow simple guidelines:

People, especially in India, can keep on dragging and postponing the decision of replacing their existing mattress so as to justify value for money, or due to pure laziness. In a lighter vein, it wouldn't be wrong to say that mattresses are treated like mistresses! People find it hard to let go! However, such postponement is detrimental to those who use the mattress. It could lead to serious health hazards which could take a long time and lots of money to correct.

How can you determine if your mattress needs replacing?
The Better Sleep Council provides this “ABC” checklist: Age, Beauty & Comfort

Do you want to be alert, dynamic and full of energy all day long? Do you want good concentration and memory? Do you want to be more resistant to illness? Do you want to live longer?

To experience optimal living, you can’t take shortcuts. One of areas that is often ignored is "Sleep". People set aside sleep to live. While, in the long run, the converse is true. The better you sleep, the better you live. It wouldn't be ambitious to classify the “Four Golden Rules of Good Sleep”:
1. Get enough sleep every night.
2. Establish a regular sleep schedule.
3. Get continuous sleep.
4. Make up for lost sleep.



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    February 2013